Friday, November 13, 2009

Slowing Down?


Since February I've been losing an average of 10 lbs a month. I feel good about that amount - not so much as to be unhealthy but enough to keep me motivated and excited about my progress. There have been some rough patches along the way where I stay the same for awhile, but never longer than two weeks, then the numbers plunge down and I still end up losing about 10 lbs for the month.

Something has changed.

I've lost just 5 lbs since the beginning of October - a month and a half ago! Don't get me wrong, I'm glad the numbers on the scales are still going down, but it makes me wonder what's going on. Have I hit a plateau that is supposedly natural? Or, have I strayed far enough from the path I'm supposed to be on that it's affecting my weight loss? Because I have strayed. Quite a bit sometimes.

I still exercise a lot, about 6 days a week. And that's just the "formal" exercise I do like walking or riding my bike. I'm a lot more active than I once was - not just sitting around watching tv or reading. I'm up and doing things. I recently played wallyball for the first time and loved it! I feel really good about my activity level, and my level of activity makes me feel really good. *smile*

Typical of me, it's food that's doing me in. I still eat really small portions - my mind can't wrap itself around anything larger - but it's WHAT I eat that is killing me. Definitely a lot more carbs than I should eat...and not good carbs like vegetables. I'm talking about bread, pasta, and sweets. I know what caused this gradual trend away from solid, lean protein, but I can't make any excuses. I know I have to get back on track, but have you ever noticed how much harder it is to go back to doing something good than it is to stay doing good things and never straying? *Oh the possible life analogies!!!*

So, I know part of the slowing down is my fault, but I wonder if it's possible that I've hit a natural plateau. I've lost over 130 lbs in less than a year - does the body need a bit of time to adjust to that? I've heard a lot of stories about the last pounds being harder to lose than the first. I had hoped that I wouldn't hit a serious plateau until 150 lbs lost - that would put me at weighing under 200 lbs. Oh well. My first plan of attack is to get back on track with my eating. If that doesn't kick start the weight loss again, I'll figure out what to do next.

On a happy note, even though I haven't lost much weight in the past 45 days, I'm losing inches from my body. No, I've never measured, so I don't know this exactly, but the new clothes I bought at the beginning of October are fitting more loosely than they did when I bought them. For example, my jeans are almost to the point where I can slide them down without unzipping them. A button-up shirt my mom gave me used to be kind of tight around my hips and stomach, now it hangs quite loosely. Woohoo!

I'm a silver lining kind of gal.


Framed said...

Dang, it doesn't matter what you weigh if the inches are dropping. Of course, that will only work for so long. I'm trying to remember whne my clothes were too big.

Mellissa said...

Even though it's harder to "see" the inches over pounds, the inches are just as important. When I was heavier than I ever had been after I had Carter, I lost pounds very quickly, plateaud, but then I kept losing inches. Maybe it works that way? You look great!

Cardine said...

Yeah, you might just be toning up at the same time, and muscle mass weighs more. Or so I've heard. I've never actually done an experiment to prove it.

I'll try to help you in whatever way you need.

Also, I have a theory that when the weather changes to cold, our bodies try to store up more stuff for the Winter. But, it's just a theory to make myself feel better when I gain 5 lbs in a week. D'oh!

Fluffy said...

Hi! First - thanks for dropping by my blog and the good wishes. But most importantly, GIRL - you have lost a LOT of weight. And your loss has been impressive.

I read somewhere that a plateau is doing the 'right' things for 3 straight weeks and not losing anything. So, I'd say you aren't on a plateau.

What I did see is that you have continued to lose weight, albeit at a bit slower pace (but when is it at the pace we want?), but your body is changing (I like to call it shifting!). My theory is your body is taking some time to adjust itself.

If it helps, I recall that the same thing happened to me, but I think the scale completely stalled as well which was totally frustrating! My point is you seriously are doing awesome! If you need proof - look at how far you've come (weight, size, and your exercise!).

One other thing to consider - people don't get to see the scale, so if you think about it - inches lost and smaller clothes is more noticeable!

Keep up the good work and Happy Thanksgiving!