Friday, June 18, 2010

Virtual Route Sadness

Do you wonder where I am on my virtual trip to the Empire State Building?

Me, too.

Leaving my last job definitely set me back a bit. I used Google Earth on my work computer and couldn't figure out how to transfer the settings from it to my new laptop. So, I started over. I was almost current when Google Earth mysteriously disappeared from my computer, along with everything I had already done. I fortunately have my exercise log still; otherwise, I'd just give up on the idea, sadly. I tried to re-install Google Earth but ran into difficulties then ran out of time to work on it.

This is all just to explain why I haven't been posting my virtual progress the last few months. Never fear, I will get this figured out and will eventually post where I am. I'm still recording my exercise every month, so I have the important data.

I wonder how close I am to New York! I can't wait to find out!