Tuesday, October 26, 2010


In case you haven't noticed (if anyone is still interested in noticing), I haven't posted on this blog for a long time.

I decided that I have reached a spot in my weight loss that I don't need a separate blog on which to chronicle my success/failures/etc. So, I am consolidating the two blogs. I'm leaving this one open because I like to go back to it every now and then to see where I was and how far I've come. However, until further notice, this will be my last post on Julie's Losing It.

To keep up with me and what's happening, you can go to my blog here. I'm not going to lie, I don't update it as often as I could, but there will be updates...sometimes more often than others.

Thank you to everyone for their continued support as I've lost IT. I'm still technically 10-15 lbs away from my goal weight, but I feel great and am happy with my results. They are a dream come true that took a lot of work. Your kind words and positive attitudes have been very, very helpful!


Friday, June 18, 2010

Virtual Route Sadness

Do you wonder where I am on my virtual trip to the Empire State Building?

Me, too.

Leaving my last job definitely set me back a bit. I used Google Earth on my work computer and couldn't figure out how to transfer the settings from it to my new laptop. So, I started over. I was almost current when Google Earth mysteriously disappeared from my computer, along with everything I had already done. I fortunately have my exercise log still; otherwise, I'd just give up on the idea, sadly. I tried to re-install Google Earth but ran into difficulties then ran out of time to work on it.

This is all just to explain why I haven't been posting my virtual progress the last few months. Never fear, I will get this figured out and will eventually post where I am. I'm still recording my exercise every month, so I have the important data.

I wonder how close I am to New York! I can't wait to find out!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Doctor Visit #???

I'm so sorry I've been neglecting this blog! Life has been so crazy! It didn't help that I changed jobs and lost my Virtual Route to New York. I've been recreating it on my new computer, but it's slow going, especially since the last three weeks I've had a roommate who has spent a lot of time on my computer, meaning I couldn't be on it. Although, to be fair, I wasn't really do a good job of working on my virtual route before he came along. :) Never fear, though, I AM keeping track of my exercising and will get a new route up soon. I'm interested to see where I am.

Until then, I thought I'd share with you my experience at the doctor's office this morning. My last appointment was the beginning of December and I've lost over 30 lbs since then (my weight loss has dramatically slowed, but I'm ok). I was supposed to have an appointment in February but I had just started a new job and didn't feel comfortable taking a morning off (my doctor is 45 minute away, remember) so soon after starting.

I walked in and immediately the nurses started oohing and aahing over me; "Oh Julie, you look amazing!", "Wow Julie, you look so pretty!", etc. It was super sweet of them. I caught them up on what I've been doing lately (new job, dating, softball, roommates, etc.) and found out about them. I love the people at my doctor's office - they are so nice! I was weighed and measured and congratulated for doing so well then was placed in the room to wait for the Dr.

Dr. S came in and smiled really big. "Julie," he said, "you look wonderful! You're doing so well!" It was great to hear that from him...especially since I've kind of been slipping lately. We talked about that and he remotivated me to do better with my diet but also congratulated me on my exercise levels. He's sure, and I agree, that exercising has been the secret to my success and will be the reason I'm able to keep off the weight long-term. Which is why I'm planning on exercising til the day I die. After some discussion, we decided to give me a little fill, something I hadn't expected, but after talking with him, I agreed to give it a try. I do find myself looking for food more often than I used to. If it's just because I needed a fill, it should be better now. If the feeling doesn't go away, then I'll know it's a mental thing I need to correct. My bet is on the latter, but I'm hoping the fill helps me conquer the mental urge to snack.

When Dr. S had given me the fill, he sat back down with a serious look on his face. He thanked me for coming in and for doing so well with my weight-loss. He confessed that sometimes he gets discouraged because people aren't taking full advantage of the surgery and either don't lose as much weight as they could or start gaining it back shortly after the surgery. He starts to wonder if what he's doing does any good. Then he sees me, a "minority" of WLS patients, and it rejuvenates him and helps him see that he is doing something good. I still have weight to lose, and I hear that maintaining weight loss is a million times harder than losing it, so I can't say I'm some perfect WLS patient, but hearing him say that really inspired me to do better. Not just so I don't let him down, but because it reminded me that it's my choice whether or not I take full advantage of my surgery and to have the body I want to have.

I thanked him for telling me and told him how much the surgery has changed my life...that it saved my life. I was so big, so obese, that I imagine I would have lived a shortened life, but that's not all. I wasn't living my life any more. I was existing, not living. Now I'm living and it feels amazing. I'm so much happier now. The surgery he performed on me DID ME GOOD. He smiled and thanked me for telling him. I said I'd do an ad for him whenever he wanted. We both chuckled. I drank some water (to make sure it would go down) and left, saying goodbye to all the nurses on my way out. My next appointment isn't for another 6 months, unless I need any adjustments or help before then.

I keep thinking how fortunate I am. I did absolutely no research about surgeons beyond the casual reference a lady my dad knows made. And yet, I ended up with a really great, compassionate surgeon who I trusted then and I still trust. He's a good man and it was great to reconnect with him as his patient. It amazes me how much that contact helps me recenter my weight loss efforts.

Oh, and I'm thinking of going back to support group. The one here fizzled, so I'll have to go to St. George, but it's only once a month! I used to go down there at least once a week to see my boyfriend, so once a month won't kill me. I think it'll really help me as I lose the remaining 20 or so pounds and definitely while I try to maintain the loss.

The next one is next week. I'll let you know how it goes.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010


This morning, I cried a little when I stepped on the scale and read how much I weigh.

I now weigh under 200 lbs!!!! Woohoo!

199.0 to be exact. I hit 199.8 yesterday, but I refused to believe it unless it was confirmed a second day. It was!!!

It feels incredible to weigh under 200 lbs again. Seriously, the last time I did was back in 1995, my freshman year in college.

So...now I have to decide what to do for my reward. Though really, feeling this good is a reward in and of itself. However, it's too big a milestone to go unacknowledged. I had thought about going skydiving when I reached under 200 lbs, but I think I'm going to save that for when I reach my "goal weight" (which I haven't determined yet). So, I need some help! Any suggestions on how I can celebrate this achievement?

I'll try to post a picture this week. Things are pretty crazy at work, what with my last day being the 29th, so I haven't had a lot of time to good around. I'll try, though!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

A Very BIG Small Success #8

I feel like I'm falling behind in my blogging.

I mean, there's no one saying how often I have to blog or anything, but there are a lot of things I want to blog about; my virtual route from December, for instance. However, there's no time. Life is so crazy busy right now that I barely have my head above water. Fortunately, all the stuff that is filling my life to the brim is all good stuff. I'm very blessed.

That said, I cannot let this current milestone pass by without mention:

Today, I hit 150 lbs lost!

I can't believe it! A year ago, the possibility of losing this much weight seemed like a distant dream. Now, I'm wearing a size 16 in pants and skirts and a Large in shirts. I haven't worn those sizes since high school! And, I'm in the best shape I've been in since high school - something that really helped when I was in Paris last week. I walked an average of 5 miles each day, basking in the wonderfulness that is Paris, and never felt sore or fatigued. Seriously, walking around is the best way to see a city, in my humble opinion. I climbed the 286 stairs at the Arc de Triomphe with minimal difficulty and bounded up my hotel stairs with none whatsoever. I felt wonderful!

Now, I'm just a bit away from achieving my next milestone...I'm sure I'll cry when I reach it. I'll keep you updated, you can be sure! Oh, and I'll try to get you a current picture. :)