Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Virtual Route 7

I finally made it to Denver, CO!

Boy, it feels great to reach this mile post! The last week has been so crazy and busy that exercising has sort of fallen in my priorities. This achievement re-motivates me to make the time to exercise, even when life is crazy.

This segment's stats:

Start date of this leg: 4.27.09
# of days traveled: 21
# of stationary days: 6 - Yikes!
Miles traveled: 86.9
Hours on the road: 21
Calories burned: 4951
Miles 'til NYC: 1748.9

It's interesting to note that I missed SIX days of exercise during this segment and yet still burned more calories than I did last segment. Probably due to the hiking and increased speed/resistance on my bike. You can also tell that I'm walking more from the decreased miles traveled; however, all these numbers could have been much higher if I wouldn't have missed those six days. Sigh. At least it gives me something to improve this next month, right? *smile*

Some Interesting Facts About Denver:
1. I once started a long-distance relationship here. The guy didn't live in Denver, he lived in Arizona. I didn't live in Denver either, I lived in Utah.

2. My most recent kiss took place in Denver. December 2008.

3. I've only physically been to Denver twice. I wonder if something romantic will happen every time I go there. And, if I'm only there virtually, will the romantic occurrence happen virtually, too? I hope not. I hope it's in real life! *grin*