Thursday, July 16, 2009

Two Small Successes and a Big Success

Small Success #2
I didn't have to work on Friday, July 3rd, so I planned to really clean my house in preparation for the arrival of my cousin, Cassie. I still wanted to get in a walk, though, so I woke up a little early for a Saturday and headed out. I have three "walks" to choose from as I step out my door. Since I had a pretty free day, I chose the longer of the three, the 4-mile walk up the trail to East Canyon Park. Well, when I reached the park, I felt like going a little farther, so I decided I'd go to the pavilion at West Canyon Park. As I walked toward the pavilion, I figured I might as well go up the canyon to the bridge. When I got to the bridge, I thought I might as well go all the way to the end of the trail, since I'd gone that far already. I walked the whole walking trail! It had been a goal of mine for a few months, so I'm thrilled to have accomplished it. I walked a total of 2 hours and 7 miles and at the end of the walk, my feet hurt. And, my legs were sore the rest of the day. It was totally worth it, though! I'm hoping to walk the whole trail again someday - if I ever have enough free time to do it!

Small Success #3
Last week, my family arrived for our annual Utah Shakespearean Festival tradition. For more details about the experience, Cassie wrote a great posting here. Ever since I started attending all six performances, I've kind of dreaded the plays showing in the Adams outdoor theatre. It's a great venue for the plays, but I've always been really uncomfortable in the seats - my hips have been too big! This year, being quite a bit thinner, I fit into the seats a whole letter better! They still aren't the most comfortable seats in the world (even for skinny people), but it made a world of difference. I'm excited to be even skinnier for next year!

Big Success
I've now lost 100 lbs! This summer has been rough - no wonder I gained so much weight last year! With all the traveling, the BBQ's, special functions, Shakespeare, etc, it's a wonder I've lost any weight at all. I fell a bit behind my "schedule" of 10 lbs a month by 2 weeks, but I'm still feeling pretty good about where I am. I haven't weighed this little since I returned from my mission over 9 years ago! There are some emerging bad habits that I need to nip in the bud, and I'm confident that I'll be able to do so.

Anyway, here are some pictures:

The Before Shots:
Taken a few days before surgery at my doctor's office
Weight: 351 (WOW!)

(That poor sweater vest - it looks like it's about to pop!)

After Shots:

The beginning of June - 90 lbs lost
(And the two below)

Today - 100 lbs lost
(As of Sunday)


Cassie said...

Seriously, wow! You look amazing. Your face is so much thinner and just wow. I'm so proud of you!

Cardine said...

Congratulations! That is so awesome!

Anonymous said...

You look HOT!!!

warnser said...

Hey, Congratulations!
That's really cool, and a big landmark. You're doing great, and you look good.

(also I admit I was a little surprised that you actually finally announced your starting weight, I think it's awesome, keep it up and good luck) Ü.

Also I thought it was cool about the new Adams experience. And insane, but impressive about the canyon trail. Ü

Mellissa said...

You look beautiful, as usual. You should wear that blue all the time because your eyes seriously pop! Congratulations on all your successes, small or large.

Melissa said...

WOW! Girlie you look GREAT! Your face is much thinner and your hair really compliments you! Congrats on your successes!!!!!

Framed said...

I can't believe you are calling these small successes. They're HUGE!! You look fantastic and I am seriously envious that you ae ale to walk 7 miles.

Booklogged said...

You take my breath away! Thrilled to death that you made that big success point. Charge ahead!

tearese said...

wow, you look awesome! Like, not even the same person.

julie said...

Thanks everyone! Your support through this has been amazing and so helpful. I love you all!

Warnser, yeah, I'm a little surprised, too. A long time ago I decided to do a before and after post when I reached 100 lbs - including actual weights with the pictures. However, when it came time to actually post the starting weight, I was kind of hesitant. It's a big number! I finally posted it because I'm working on not being defined by the number, then or now, but by who I am, what I do, and how I'm changing for the better (mostly). Now, if I can only stop weighing myself daily, THAT will be a HUGE success. :)

Adam said...

That's an amazing comparison. Truly amazing.