Thursday, June 25, 2009

Virtual Route 8

I'm still rolling along on my trip to New York City!

I'm almost through Colorado! I'd like to be through Nebraska in two months, that's my goal.

This leg's stats:

Start date of this leg: 5.26.09
# of days traveled: 22
# of stationary days: 8 - Double Yikes!
Miles traveled: 71.5
Hours on the road: 23.5
Calories burned: 11,450
Miles 'til NYC: 1677.4

I missed quite a few days of exercise again this leg. In fact, today was the first time I've exercised since Saturday! Sigh. It's work. I tried to fit a walk or bike ride in but this last week has been a killer; working mega early and plans every evening. I still feel pretty good about the month, though. There were several days of exercising in the morning and evening, which kind of makes up for the missed days.

Ever since I started walking regularly, I've been estimating the number of calories I burn each walk. Well, I discovered a calories burned website that tells you approximately how many calories you burn for different activities, accounting for your weight, how long you did the activity, and how fast you were going. Turns out, I've been underestimating by quite a lot! I checked a few other sites to verify and they all said about the same thing. Very nice.

I've been walking longer routes. My current favorite is 4 miles long and has a good mix of inclines/declines, flat areas, and interesting scenery. AND, I feel great when I finish it - my legs feel like they've had a good workout. I mix up my walks, though, so I don't get bored. It really helps.

Next Month Goals:
1. To miss 4 days or less of exercising. That gives me 1 day a week to not exercise, though someday I'd love to not miss any days!

2. Travel over 100 miles.


Anonymous said...

Have I said this already? I think it's great you make goals for the upcoming month. I really need to do that instead of just "get what I get".

Booklogged said...

Awesome! I love that you are doing this virtual tour and that you share it. Are you using Google Earth? Do you zoom into see some of the places you've walked through? Of course, that takes time and may interrupt the exercising even more.

julie said...

Sarah, thanks! The goals really help me to accomplish more. Have you begun your trip to Mexico yet?

Book, yes, I use Google Earth. My friend Sarah introduced me to the idea. I don't zoom, but it's a great idea. I have noticed that the land around where I "am" now is a lot greener than the land in Utah. It really makes me want to go on an actual road trip someday. It'd be fun to take the path I'm virtually traveling now.

Mellissa said...

You know you just need to play more tennis, right? And learn pickleball. :)